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My family  is pretty big, I have 6 sisters, 2 brothers and my mom dad. In total we are 11. For the holidays we usually go to my aunts house in Chicago. And we eat a lot of food during the holidays. I have family that lives in Ohio, Texas, and California. We usually keep in touch with my Aunt and cousins that live in Ohio because they’re the closest. I’ve been to Niagara falls in New York with my family and cousins, it was pretty fun. I’ve only been to Mexico when I was like 2 or 3 and I want to go visit my grandma during the summer.

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When you’re on social media you should think about what you’re going to say before commenting on a post. If it’s a picture of someone you don’t like don’t comment on that post if you’re thinking of saying something bad about that person. Keep whatever you were thinking about that person to your self or else it can cause problems between you and that person. Think before posting an inappropriate picture of someone or something because you might regret it later.

10 Things you should never post:

  1. Vices such as drugs or alcohol
  2. Your home address
  3. Money or expensive jewelry
  4. Gossip or attacks against specific people
  5. Inappropriate Content
  6. Offensive Content
  7. Personal Conversations
  8. Anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see.
  9. Don’t snap while driving
  10. Your Duckface



Olympic National Park, Washington

The Olympic National Park is renowned for the diversity of its ecosystems. The Olympic National Park is located in the north-west of Washington state. The park includes 100 km of wilderness coastline, the longest undeveloped coast in the contiguous United States, and is rich in native and endemic animal and plant species, including critical populations of the endangered northern spotted owl, marbled murrelet and bull trout. It contains one of the world’s largest stands of virgin temperate rainforest, and includes many of the largest coniferous tree species on earth.  Eleven major river systems drain the Olympic mountains, offering some of the best habitat for anadromous fish species in the country. The coastal Olympic rainforest reaches its maximum development within the property and has a living standing biomass which may be the highest anywhere in the world. The park’s isolation has allowed the development of endemic wildlife, subspecies of trout, varieties of plants and unique fur coloration in mammals, indications of a separate course of evolution. The Olympic National park was interesting and it looks like an amazing place to visit and explore.

Olympic National Park

Black History Month

John Browns Raid on October 16, 1859. 

John Brown struggled to support his large family and moved restlessly  from state to  state throughout his whole life and became a passionate opponent of slavery along the way. After assisting the Underground Railroad out of Missouri and engaging in the bloody struggle between pro and anti slavery forces in Kansas in the 1850’s, John grew more anxious to strike a more extreme blow for the cause.

Million Man March, 1995

On October 1995, hundreds of thousands of black men gathered in Washington, D.C. for the Million Men March, one of the largest demonstrations of its kind in the capitol’s history. Minister Louis Farrakhan, had called for a million sober, disciplined, dedicated, inspired black men to meet in Washington on a day of atonement. The march was intended to bring about a kind of spiritual renewal among black men, and to instill them with a sense solidarity and of personal responsibility to improve their own condition. By that time, the U.S. Government’s “war on drugs” had sent a disproportionate number of African Americans to prison, and by 2000, more black men were incarcerated than in college. Estimates of the number of participants ranged from 400,000 to 1 Million and its success spurred the organization of a Million Woman March, which took place in 1997 in Philadelphia.


Super Bowl Commercials

One of my favorite Super Bowl Commercials is the We Accept by Airbnb because it’s saying that no matter who you are or where you are from you will be accepted. The commercial showed different people form different races and different religions. This commercial was peaceful and it wasn’t meant to offend anyone. And I think this commercial is probably one of the best ones. The commercial was more serious than the others and it was meant for everyone to see.


Another one of my favorite Super Bowl Commercial was the Febreze commercial, it showed people that needed to use the bathroom and using Febreze at the end because of the unpleasant smell they left. I found this commercial kind of funny. And during Superbowl’s people eat a lot of junk food and the purpose of this commercial is to use Frebeze after using the bathroom. This commercial was meant for everyone.

And then my last favorite commercial was the Justin Bieber commercial, and I think it was one of the best Superbowl commercial. It had a football player dressed as a caveman, that was pretty funny. The commercial was sponsoring T-mobile. And this commercial was meant for everybody to see.

What is your stance on abortion?

Majority of the states voted pro-choice meaning that people have the choice to either have the baby or abort it. But I personally think they  shouldn’t have that choice to abort an unborn baby. It’s the people’s fault who decided to have unprotected sex. There is birth control, sex education and more social services out there that can help you understand and decide whether you want to have a child or not. Even after the baby has been in the womb for more than 4 months people decide to have an abortion. People who are having a hard time whether they should have the baby or abort it should seek help, there are programs out there that help people out by providing them with diapers, baby formula, clothes etc. for those that have a low income. 88% of the Democrats voted for pro-choice while 68% of the Republicans voted for pro-life. In Illinois 65% of the voters voted for pro-choice and the other 35% voted for pro-life. Throughout the U.S.A there are more pro-choice votes than pro-life. Even in the most justifiable situation such as rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child , an unborn baby is a tragedy. Abortion is not the right decision to make.


I’m quiet most of the time, you would barely hear me talk. I’m mostly calm and patient. I’m positive and I’m always thinking positive. Caring, I care for others especially for my family. Shy, I’m a shy person and i don’t really like talking in front of a lot of people. I’m patient. I chose that pictures because I like subbies.

The First Thanksgiving

In November 1621, after the pilgrims first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a feast and invited a group of Native American allies, the festival lasted for 3 days, they served geese, duck, venison, fish, turkey, lobsters, mussels, stew, beer, corn bread, pumpkin, and squash. And it wasn’t just about eating they did hunting and other entertainments. And it’s now known for the first Thanksgiving. In 1789 George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclaimed by the National Government of the United States. Which took place on Thursday, November 26 1789. Thanksgiving didn’t become an annual tradition nationwide until the 19th century. Sarah Josepha Hale waged nearly a 30 year campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday and she also published recipes for turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. In many American households, the Thanksgiving celebration has lost much of its religious significance. It now centers on cooking and sharing bountiful meals with friends and family.

American Film

The way film depicts books is when a book has different ways the characters say things in the book, for example In the book ” Of Mice and Men” and the movie the actors had a country like voice and the author wrote the words as if it was being read country like. Some movies help showcase important book scenes by showing a visual of what happened in the book, movies sometimes do a good job with showcasing an important book scene. Sometimes the movies don’t even go along with the book. Movies can ruin book scenes by not following through the with the book. And most of the time people think that a book is better than the movie version of the book. Unless you watch the movie first then decide to read the book about the movie then you might think that the movie was better than the book version.

Positive News

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The i8 concept car was unveiled during the CES in Las Vegas. BMW i8, side mirrors and rear view mirror are replaced with cameras and a special screen to show the driver what’s around them. The new design would reduce wind noises, and should also help improve gas mileage because it no longer has a bulky design. A high-resolution video is streamed to a screen where the rear-view mirror would be. BMW says that this technology will give the river an image of the traffic behind the car and it covers a great viewing angle that could be absorbed using the interior mirror. The cars software’s system will also provide warning signals on the screen if it senses dangerous obstacles. But the car would be Illegal right now to drive in the United States. GM has also created a similar feature with their new Cadillac CT6. But the CT6 has a standard rear view that can also stream high-resolution video form the camera mounted in the back.

bmw i8 concept car interior mirrorless ces 2016